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Our Story

We believe wealth is not just about money

Wealth Coast - Wealth Management & Insurance Solutions founders, Josh Buttrey and Tyler Terry, saw that financial services, in many ways, had become too transactional. The success of their clients did not come from choosing the perfect stock, building the best portfolio, or creating the most profitable business. Instead, their success was determined by having the most of what they valued the most.

Family dinner outside

Here at Wealth Coast, your wealth is more than just a number. It is the measurement of everything in your life that you care about. The things that make your life the type you want to live – relationships with family and friends, time spent doing what you love, supporting charitable organizations near to your heart, health, legacy, and yes, even money.

We’ve learned that our sense of achievement comes from helping to bring you the joy and satisfaction in the ways your wealth is best utilized - for yourself, your family, your community, and the causes you believe in most.

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To us, the best indication of true wealth is a life well lived.